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Två polska immigranter sökes av konsthistoriker

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Ämne : Enquiry from Poland - Emigrants in 1939

Dear Madam,
I am an art historian and I am looking for information about two Jewish women - mother and daughter - who arrived in Sweden from Poland (Warsaw) in 1939.
Could you please help me by telling me where and how can I find any information? I know that they had Swedish passports. I know of course their names and birthdates.
I'd very much appreciate your help.
Yours sincerely,
Kasia Wozniak

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Dear Kasia,
Send me the information - names and date of birth and whatever you have for the two women and I will see what I can find.
All the best

Dear Madam,
Many thanks for your kind reply. It’s a pleasure to meet you.
This is what I know, but please note that this information may not be 100% accurate.
I am looking for Janina Hanna Jeanne Chrostowska. Alternatively, Paszkowska instead of Chrostowska.
She was born 04.03.1924 and this date was on her Swedish passport. In reality she was born 04.03.1934.
She arrived in Sweden with her mother from Poland, most probably from Warsaw, in 1939 (?). I don’t know the name of her mother and father. Her father died in 1933 or 1934.
They left Sweden (for Italy) a few years later. I’d love to know when.
I am interested in everything you may find in the Swedish archives. It would be used in a scientific publication and I’d of course include from whom I received this information, with a sincere thank you note.
Very best regards,
Kasia Wozniak 

Dear Kasia,

There are at the moment data bases for 1950 and 1960.

Janina Hanna Lamm born Chrostowska 1924-03-04 lived at Jungfrugatan 10, Hedvig Eleonora parish in Stockholm 1950.
She came from Polen 1948 due to the official database and was married the same year 1948-02-07 to the "cheif of salesmen" Gunnar Lamm born 1905-03-06 in Tyska (German) Sankta Gertrud parish in Stockholm.

There was also a:
Elzbieta Chrostowska born Kazimierczuk 1898-08-17 who 1950 lived at Sveavägen 82 V (Groschinsky), Adolf Fredriks parish in Stockholm. She was an artist.
Elzbieta became a widdow 1926 and arrived from Polen to Sweden 1948.

I do not know if they were related.
Janina and Elzbieta were the only Chrostovska in Sweden 1950.

From what I can see Janina was not in Sweden 1960.
Elzbieta lived at Arkadvägen 7 in Johanneshov just outside Stockholm 1960.

However, none of them died in Sweden.
There are no Chrostovska or Janina Lamm in the Book of Death.

I hope this can be of some help to you.

For further information, the date they moved to Italy and so on, I recommend you to write or call to Stockholms Stadsarkiv.

They have a Telephone service monday-friday 10-12 at +46-8-508 28 303.
I am sure they speak at least English.
Good luck!

Dear Monica (if I may),
Thank you very much. All these details will be very useful indeed. Some of them I knew about, some of them are new.
Yes, I can confirm, they are mother and daughter. Which source mentions that she was an artist?
I am interested in Mr Gunnar Lamm. Mrs Chrostowska remarried, so they must have had divorced at some point? Could we check  also, if he was Jewish? For instance, in Warsaw, there are separate archives for the Jewish community.
Last but not least, may I ask you, please, to provide me where exactly did you find this information (catalogues, online banks) and what is your professional title and position? If I mention any of these details, I’ll need to add a suitable reference.
Very best regards,.
Kasia Wozniak

Dear Kasia,
The source was the Swedish census for 1950 and 1960 at Arkiv Digital.

About Gunnar Lamm.
It seams he did not come back to Sweden.

Gunnar Lamm and his family is found in the 1910 census (data base on cd):

von Bastineller Lamm, Louise Therodora Waldheim 1872 Mor (mother)
Karl Otto 1891 Barn (child)
Georges Felix Adolf 1894 Barn
Louise Mathilda Julie Bertha 1902
Gunnar 1905 Barn
All children were born in Tyska (German) Sankta Gertrud parish in Stockholm.

About the mother 1910 (cd):

von Bastineller Lamm, Louise Therodora Waldheim
born 1872 in Tyskland, Oldislebena
Änka, mor i familjen (widow)
Tyska S:t Gertrud
Tyska Sankta Gertrud (Stockholms stad, Uppland)
married to. tandläk. (dentist) Aron Levi Lamm jude (jewish)

The same family (household) in the census 1900 (cd):

Lamm, Aron Levi 1853 Far (father)
Born 1853 i Sankt Nikolai parish, Stockholm
(No family name) Louise Dorotea (mother)
Born 1872
(Barn), Karl Otto 1891 Barn (child)
(Barn), George Felix Adolf 1894 Barn
Lundgren, Hedvig Alfrida 1877 Ensam (alone)(maid)
Pettersson, Maria Charlotta 1878 Ensam (alone)(maid)

Address: Humlegården Nr 14, Hedvig Eleonora rote 9, Stockholm
Mosaiska församlingen.

The same family (household) in the census 1890 (cd):

Lamm, Aron Levi 1853 Father
Dentist in Stockholm
Born 1853 in Stockholm
Waldheim v. Bartineller, Louise Dorothea 1872 Mother
Born 1872 in Sachsen-Weimar, Germany
Brun, Amanda Kristina 1872 Ensam (Alone)(maid)

Address: Humlegården No 14, Hedvig Eleonora rote 9, Stockholm
Mosaiska församlingen, Stockholm

For more information call Mosaiska församlingen (parish) in Stockholm.

About me:
I am just a friend interested in genealogy

22 dec 2016
Dear Monica,
Thank you very much again. It will take me some time to publish the final results of my current research, but I'll notify you about it.
Very Best Wishes,

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